You’re looking for a massage therapist, so you’re probably feeling tense or experiencing stress or physical discomfort. You’re on the right track. Massage can help.

Massage induces relaxation, increases circulation, and improves self-awareness. Our clients tell us that after treatment they sleep better, move with greater ease, have more energy, and laugh more.

We tailor your treatment to your particular needs. We use a variety of techniques to address what ails you on the physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual level.

Our clientele comprises blue collar workers, healthcare professionals, corporate executives, academics, marathoners, dancers, grandmas, granddads, moms, dads, and teenagers.

What We Offer

Practitioners give many names to different massage techniques, but there are still only a few broad categories into which all massage fits. The techniques of these modalities can be applied to the needs of specific populations. Some knowledge of the techniques and the populations to which they are suited can help you discuss the options with your massage therapist, for both an overall course of treatment and for particular sessions.

Massage therapists typically use Swedish massage to induce relaxation and a feeling of general well being. Following a rhythmic protocol that aids in creating a feeling of serenity, the massage therapist will work on one part of the body at a time, using light to medium touch in long, superficial strokes (effleurage), followed by slightly deeper and shorter cross fiber strokes (petrissage), and finishing with more effleurage. It may also be appropriate to use light drumming (tapotement).

Deep Tissue
Almost every human has tension in the upper back and neck. We sit at desks with heads craning towards computer monitors; we pick up babies, briefcases, and backpacks; we drive; we cook; we clean; we play sports. You name it, it’s probably an activity in which the arms are stretched forward of the body. And then we sleep on bad pillows. Deep-tissue work is a good first step in relieving the chronic contraction of muscles that results from these daily activities (although there are sometimes specific reasons not to work deeply—phlebitis, for example.) The strokes are often similar to those of Swedish massage, but the massage therapist works into deeper muscle tissue, usually focused on the part of the body with chronic tension.

A word of caution: Clients sometimes say they want a full-body deep-tissue massage. Deep-tissue work over the entire body in one session is a very unpleasant and unhealthy experience for the client and the massage therapist. These clients probably have in mind a firm Swedish massage.

Myofascial Release
Bad habits, repetitive motion, poorly designed furniture, and modern life in general can lead to widespread chronic problems in the connective tissue of the body, resulting in poor posture and reduced strength and/or range of motion. Myofascial release is particularly effective in addressing long-term issues associated with overused, misused, and abused connective tissue. In a typical session, the massage therapist directs the client to move in particular ways coordinated with deep breathing while she works the length of the muscles in the troubled area. While Myofascial Release may be effective in a single session, severe restrictions in connective tissue may require a full series of sessions, following a specific protocol.
Hot Stone Massage
Placement stones are left on particular areas (usually the back) to help the soft tissue relax before the massage therapist begins working on that area, and the massage therapist also works with stones in her hands. Heat from the stones enhances the relaxing effects of effleurage and reduces the potential for rebound after deeper work.
Aromatherapy Massage
Essential oils are floral, leafy, or woody, and they enhance various effects of massage. Menthol, for example, while not particularly soothing to the mind or emotions, most definitely helps to warm muscles for deeper work and has some post-treatment analgesic effect. Lavender, on the other hand, has little effect on the actual soft tissue, but its light floral scent almost universally puts the mind at ease. Aromatherapy can be an excellent addition to any type of massage.
Based on East Asian healing techniques, acupressure comprises finger-pressure on specific points along meridians which are lines of energy in the body. Although the underlying principle is to free blocked energy on those meridians, the pressure on the muscle is a very satisfying physical experience and sometimes quite deep. Very modest clients may prefer acupressure because there is no need to disrobe.
Hoshino Therapy
A Hoshino treatment is a unique blend of acupressure and massage therapy, employing full hand contact for warmth while digitally targeting specific points related to musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. Through a series of sessions, muscles that have become contracted through overuse, underuse, or misuse can progressively regain their former elasticity and vitality, leading to pain-free movement. Simple exercises complement the therapy. Hoshino Therapy comes from the East Asian bodywork tradition, but the strokes are more like a rolling compression compared to the pressure points of Shiatsu. It feels a little like Thai massage on the the table rather than on the floor, including some of the passive arm and leg stretches. Clients usually feel more alert after a Hoshino treatment than after a Swedish treatment.
Energy Balancing
Matter and energy are two sides of the same coin, so really all bodywork is energetic and vise versa. Usually, though, only the more subtle forms of bodywork are called energetic work. These include techniques of craniosacral therapy, Zero Balancing, and chakra balancing. Clients with intense pain may prefer energetic work because there is a significant physical response without the practitioner having to touch the painful area.
Pregnancy and Labor
Pregnancy can be hard on a woman’s body, and massage can be an excellent addition to an expectant mother’s health regimen. The focus is to reduce the physical and emotional stress associated with hormonal and body changes.
Fifty. Sixty-two. Sixty-five. Maybe even seventy. There is a range of ages in the US that denote “seniority,” depending on who’s doing the labeling and why. Whichever age you decide makes you a senior, massage can help alleviate the muscle and joint discomfort that tends to creep in as we age. Massage can help enhance the effects of a lifetime of good habits and help counteract the effects of a lifetime of bad habits. It’s not a luxury. We are tending to live longer—in more and more cases, nearly twice as long as that early marker of 50. Massage can help make that second half of life more comfortable, active, and enjoyable.
Unfortunately, the term Sports Massage has come to mean something like “incredibly deep” massage for most people. In reality, Sports Massage is simply massage geared to the needs of athletes before, during, and after an event.
We are available for onsite chair massage at offices and other physical establishments and at outdoor events.
Reasons Clients Seek Treatment
  • Relieve Back Pain or Tension 80%
  • Reduce General Stress 50%
  • Neck or shoulder pain 20%
  • Pain in hips, feet or legs 10%
  • Alleviate Depression or Anxiety 6%
Practice Demographics
  • Men 25%
  • Women 75%
  • Over 60 11%
  • Under 20 4%
  • Athletes 16%
  • Healthcare Professionals 11%
  • Office Workers 30%
  • Teachers 6%
Price List


60-minute Session $120
Initial Visit $150

Our signature treatment includes hot rocks on the back and hot towels on the feet, both of which enhance the relaxation response.

We are happy to accommodate your time constraints with shorter sessions; longer sessions are also possible. The type of work is always calibrated to your needs.

The number of sessions you may need will vary. For short-term, acute stress, one session may provide significant relief. For accumulated stress, clients should notice an immediate improvement, but it may take as many as four to six sessions to begin noticing enduring relief. In any case, clients should consider maintenance/wellbeing massage no less than once a month.

The Signature Session length is good for a thorough unwinding of a problem area without leaving you feeling battered by going too deep too fast or too long.

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I thoroughly enjoyed the massage and will be continuing to schedule regular sessions! I highly recommend! Great Massage!

My session with Lesley was so relaxing and restorative! Lesley is a very gifted and compassionate body worker. So restorative

I have had chronic tightness in my left leg. Lesley Ann was able to diagnose the source and get things freed up. Had the best run in months the next day. Back on the road

Lesley Ann Wernsdorfer

Lesley Ann Wernsdorfer

Licensed Massage Therapist

Lesley Ann Wernsdorfer approaches her practice from the knowledge that reducing any type of stress reduces discomfort and disease. Her work is precise and efficient, grounded in a thorough understanding of anatomy and physiology, but compassion and caring for her clients are essential aspects of her treatment. Choosing methods and techniques that best serve the client’s needs in the moment, Lesley Ann delivers a deeply satisfying, unique treatment at each session. Lesley Ann has been practicing massage since November 1992. She is also a Registered Yoga Teacher and teaches classes at GBYC. She writes and hikes when she can.

Leise Ballou

Leise Ballou

Licensed Massage Therapist

Leise Ballou offers massage therapy based on the work and teaching of Professor Tomezo Hoshino. This unique discipline allows her to address each client’s immediate needs, resulting in an experience of deep relaxation, increased blood circulation, and improved well-being. Her work is at once invigorating and relaxing as she focuses on countering arthrosis, the hardening and shortening of soft tissue that often causes muscle fatigue, pain, numbness, and tingling. Leise apprenticed with Don Hayward in New York after completing massage school. Leise also gives instruction in self-care to complement her treatments. She has been practicing massage since April 2008 and completed a yoga teacher training in 2004. She plays the french horn professionally, gardens, bakes, and hikes.

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